Ganja Solutions

Seed to Sale Technology Platform


With we help businesses manage their wholesale orders, from licensed flower to legally-compliant manufactured products. Ganja Souls techies have created a secure, discrete, and confidential wholesale platform, where Retailers can browse brands and streamline the inventory process. 

Lab Tested & Quality Control


At Ganja Souls, we understand that the healing properties of cannabis is rooted in the soul of the Earth.  That is why our farmers and manufacturers are carefully vetted to ensure only the best nutrients and care goes into cultivation and the manufacturing process.  We batch test and utilize our technology platform to track our cannabis from Seed to Soul. Our laboratory testing partners use state of the art technology to ensure quality control.

Environmental Conscious & Legally Compliant Packaging


Most Medical Marijuana packaging is made of plastic, styrofoam, and other man-made materials that end up in our oceans and polluting the earth.  

We have teamed up with our very own packaging company that is creating our eco-friendly MMJ packaging vision.

Custom Retail Displays


Ganja Souls works with individual retailers and storefronts on Product Displays that will work for them and will work with our eco-friendly cannabis mission.  We have teamed up with local artisans and craftsman that utilize reclaimed and recycled material to craft product displays that are practical and visually appealing for the consumer.  We want to do away with displays that end up in landfills and go to waste.  

White-Labeling Made Easy


Our productions team, manufacturers, and easy to use White-Labeling templates make having your own line of products easy and affordable.

Professional Vendor Event Coordinating


At Ganja Souls we are blessed with a team of industry movers and shakers with a real vision put into action.  We work with our brands on event coordinating that utilizes environmentally conscious campaigns that not only boosts sales but also defends the environment, probes sustainability, and educates the public on cannabis and campaign for marijuana on a state, federal, and global level.

Water Protection